Necklace and More

Pendants, Necklace, Bracelets, Spectacles and Rings
Poslaju is RM6 to West Malaysia and RM10 to Sabah/Sarawak 
no matter how many items you buy.


"Forever Love" necklace
code: ncklc#20
price: RM25 
free Poslaju to West Malaysia
  RM5 to Sabah/Sarawak

code: PWLove (A/B/C)
 price: RM38 each

Mockingjay Pendant
code: HG#001 bronze/silver 
 price: RM30
       (this pendant that we sell is double-sided - front and back, it looks the same. it's made from real metal and              cannot be bent. not like the cheap one-sided pendants)

Bronze "love" mesh necklace
code: lovemesh
  price: RM20

Moustache Necklace
 code: MN#(color)
 RM18 each
                      Poslaju is RM6 to West Malaysia no matter how many items you buy.

Globe & telescope necklace set
 code: GTnecklace
price: RM20

Code : #OwlN001
Price : RM20

Code : #NerdN001
Price : RM16 for ONE, RM30 for BOTH, RM42 for THREE

Code : #MusicalN001
Price : RM25 per set.
Violin 2.5 inches, Keyboard1.5 inches, Emblem0.8 inches, Necklace30 inches

Code : #EiffelTowerN001
Price : RM20 EACH, RM35 for BOTH

Bling-bling Moustache necklace
code: mousnecklc#401
price: RM20

Panda Bear necklace
code: CN#401
price: RM15

MUSICAL treble clef bling necklace
code: musicalncklc#201
price: RM20

Moustache Necklace
code: MNflag#001
RM18 each

NERDY colored necklaces
Code : #Nerd (color)
Price : 
RM16 for ONE,
RM28 for BOTH


Glassless Fun Glasses :)
code: HK#(color)
RM14 each. 
Poslaju is RM6 to West Malaysia no matter how many items you buy.


new style? o_O
RM70 [Still avaible]

Musical ring

lip & lipstick ring
code: ring#211
price: RM20 each

lip & lipstick ring with REAL CRYSTALS
code: ring#212
price: RM50 each

Vintage Anchor set 
code: VAset#001
price: RM28

Moustache Ring
(double finger, adjustable)
code: MR#(color)
RM15 each
Buy BOTH Moustache Ring and Moustache Necklace for RM29 only.
Poslaju is RM6 to West Malaysia no matter how many items you buy.

double finger adjustable ring
code: PARISring

Code : #OwlR001
Price : RM15

Code : #MoustacheR001 
Price : RM12


Gorgeous Nautical and Airplane bangle
code: NAU#001
price: RM28

Vintage New Style multi-layer bracelet
RM35 for one. Without poslaju.

Figaro bracelet with charm
code: FB#001

vintage style girly charm bracelet
code: CDag#101
price: RM25

code: CB#401
price: RM25

Hunger Games / Mockingjay inspired bracelet
code: HGbrac#102
price: RM55 each

code: CB#103
price: RM40

code: CB#101B
price: RM30

code: CB#102
price: RM40

code: CB#101
price: RM30



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